Hajj: Oldest Video Of Makkah From 1887 & 1953 [HD]

Oldest Video Of Makkah, The Hajj Of 1887 & 1953. Journey to Makkah and Madinah 100+ years back. 
In the Video: 
  • View Of Kaabah in 1887. 
  • A view of the city of Mecca. 
  • The western part of Mina valley in 1887. 
  • Pilgrims in the Eastern part of Mina Valley. 
  • Pilgrims at a rest station near Mount Arafat. 
  • Photographs showing buildings of the city Makkah. 
  • A view of the Masjid E Nabwi in 1850. 
  • A close up view of the Kaabah from 1953. 
  • The video also shows the busy streets of Makkah and the hajj pilgrimage of that time showing their activities like performing tawaf, cooking foods, resting, praying near camels, etc.
Watch the oldest video of the holy city of Makkah and Madinah from 1887 and 1953 during Hajj time. Mark how the city changed over the years!

Some Screenshot from the Video:
Entrances To The Masjid Al Haram, Old Pic Of Makkah.

Kaaba In Mecca, 1887: One Of The Oldest Photo Of Kaabah

Hajj Pilgrims In Makkah.

The Kaaba In 1953: Hajj In 1953.

Oldest Photo Of Hajj Pilgrimage.

A view of Masjid E Nabwi In 1850.

Mina: Hajj Pilgrims Cooking Food.

Muslims Are Only Allowed To Enter The City Of Makkah.

A Photograph Of The Kaaba In 1887.

Probably the oldest pic of Makkah Similar during the Prophet's Era.

Coaches Nad Buses: Hajj Pilgrimage

Busy Street Of Makkah.

Hajj Pilgrims Performing Tawaf.

Photo Credit: National Geographic Magazine

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