Story Of Owais Qarni & Status Of Mother In Islam

Story of Owais Qarni & mother in Islam

Status of mother in Islam is exceptionally very high & Story Of Owais Qarni has a message for the mankind regarding this.

The most important person in the life of any person is a mother. It is who suffers more pain in upbringing of a child. But as we grow up, we tend to forget her status in our life and the sacrifices she had made for us.

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We can't repay them what they have exactly done for us but we must respect them as much they deserve.

Our Prophet ﷺ said:
Paradise is at the feet of mother.
And there many verses in the Quran which emphasises about the exceptionally high importance of mother in Islam.

Here is the beautiful story of Owais Qarni.

Let's start the beautiful story in the context of his exemplary service to his mother by a short introduction about him.

Who is Owais Qarni?

Once Prophet Muhammad said to Umar, "O Umar, there will be a person in your time by the name of Owais. His tribe will be called Muraad. His village will be Qarn. His complexion will be dark. He will be of medium and there will be a white mark on his body. O Umar and Ali, When he comes, ask him to supplicate(Dua) for you."

Why Hazrat Umar & Ali were told to ask Owais for Dua?

Hazrat Umar and Ali (r.a.) stood in astonishment that they were being told to ask Owais to make Dua for them for they were sahabah and he was a Tabi'ee. Then the Prophet said, " He has served his mother so well that whenever he raises his hands to ask Allah, Allah doesn't send those hands back empty."

In search of Owais Qarni.

So when Umar (r.a.) became the Khalifah, he would do hajj every year. Every year he would search for Owais Qarni. It may be the middle years, when Umar (r.a.) gathered all the pilgrims.

He said them to stand in front of him. He then requested, "everyone to sit down apart from those who are from Yemen." Everyone sat down apart from Yemenis. He then said, "Everyone sit down apart from those of the tribe of Muraad."

So all the Yemenis sat down apart from those of the of the Muraad tribe.
Then Umar (r.a.) said, "Those of the tribe of Muraad sit down, those of Qarn remain standing." Then only one man remained standing there. So Umar (r.a) asked, "Are You Qarni?" He replied with yes. Then he was asked, "Do you know Owais?" "Yes, I know him, he is my nephew but he is a bit crazy, why do you ask about him?", the man replied.

Umar (r.a.) began to cry and said, "He is not crazy, it seems you are the crazy one." He then asked, "Where is he, has he come to hajj?" His uncle replied, "He has come but he has gone towards Arafat to graze his camels."

The meeting of Hazrat Umar & Hazrat Ali with Uwais al-Qarni.

Umar and Ali (R.A.) then hastened towards Arafat and when they arrived they saw a person praying underneath a tree whilst the camels were grazing around him. They then sat down and waited. Owais felt some people were waiting for him so he shortened his prayer.

When he finished, Umar (r.a.) asked, "Who are you?" He replied, "I am a worker." He asked, "What is your name?" He replied, "Abdullah(The servant of Allah)" Umar (r.a) then said, "We are all the servants of Allah, I am asking you the name which your mother called you with."

Owais Qarni didn't recognise that this was Khalifah Umar and this was Ali, as this was the first time he had come for Hajj.
Paradise is at the feet of the mother.
Owais said, "Who are you to ask me?" Then Hazrat Ali (r.a.) said, "This is Ameer ul mumineen Umar ibn Khattab and I am Ali Ibn Abi Talib".

Then Owais Qarni shocked and made salaam to them saying, "I apologise, I didn't recognise you".

Umar (r.a.) said, "Raise your hands (in supplication for us), Raise your hands...."
He exclaimed, "How can I raise my hands for you? Me? What is my significance that I make Dua for you?"
He heard the reply, "Yes, we were ordered by the Prophet SAW; if you see Owais, then you must ask for his dua, When he raises his hands for Dua, it is answered." Then Owais Qarni made a Dua for them.

Status of mother in Islam is of utmost importance in Islam.

For what reason Owais Qarni gained this significance? Is this due to Tahajjud, Hajj, Salah, Jihad, Tilawat, dhikr, Tableegh, Fasting....? For what reason? No, none of these. Only one reason that is for SERVING HIS MOTHER.

This point needed to be made that Prophet Muhammad SAW wanted to send a message to the whole mankind through this that be humble to your parents otherwise if the likes Owais Qarni fill the earth they can't be equal to one hair on the body of Hazrat Umar and Ali (r.a.).

This was to tell the future generations how to serve their mothers and what is the status the of the mother in Islam, that the likes of Umar and Ali (r.a.) were asking him to raise his hands.

In another narration, it is mentioned: When people will be going to Jannah, Owais will be too as well. When he will get to the doors of Jannah, it will be said, "Everyone else can proceed apart from Owais." Owais will become scared and will ask, " O Allah, why have you stopped me?" Allah will say, "You stay, let the rest go. Now, in front of you stand the people who are going to Hellfire, intercede for them, because of you thousands will be given Paradise. This is why I have stopped you that you may intercede. To whom, your finger points, I will give you those Jannah."

When Owais Qarni Couldn't Meet Prophet Muhammad ﷺ:

Did you know that Hazrat Owais Qarni is the only person who had been accorded the status of a "Sahabi" by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ even though He couldn't meet him personally?

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was quoted as saying about Owais Qarni:
I can smell the beauty of my friend from the land of Yemen. 

Once Owais Qarni took permission from his mother to meet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to which his mother said, " If our beloved Prophet ( ﷺ ) is at home, you may meet Him; if not, come straight back here."
Owais Qarni walked a month of three from Yemen to Madinah to meet the beloved Prophet (ﷺ).

When he reached, He met Hazrat Aisha (R.A.) on the door. Upon knowing that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was in Masjid, Hazrat Owais Qarni remembered his promise to his mother and replied,
Please convey my Salaams to my Beloved (ﷺ). Kindly inform him that Owais came from Yemen, didn't find him at home and is now returning to Yemen since he didn't have permission from his mother to meet Him in Masjid. 

Owais Qarni had a very strong desire to meet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) but due to his sick mother, he couldn't.

Message: Money is not everything, Parents are valuable as well. Take care of your mother and give importance to her as you may be one of the fortunate to have her in your life otherwise many spend their life with the four walls of their rooms.

Scripted from the lecture of one of the renowned Islamic scholar "Maulana Tariq Jameel"

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