About EduIslam


About EduIslam

EduIslam - A non-profit entrepreneur & research initiative empowering humanity, presenting the correct perception of Islam, dismantling both Islamophobia and extremism to echo the voice of the Muslims for reclaiming their narrative, by a resourceful amalgamation of intelligent thought, research, and answers through authentic processes to instill conviction and inspire contribution among young generations.


EduIslam Research Centre.

A research organization for offering the basic Arabic education for better understanding of basic Quranic Arabic  grammar & Seerah to understand  & Implementation of the Life and times of  Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ), to communities across the West Bengal & India, feasible for people with full-time commitments. 

The Research Centre with mosque & accomodation for needy ones - an attempt for creating a language of architecture that takes its essence from the Madinah Character of Prophet’s (ﷺ) Mosque Model with contemporary expression without compromising the pure Islamic architecture with social get together area for relaxing that also separates the building from the busy streetscape & proper gender segregation that provides place for worship that also functions as a community centre for events and gatherings.

Also as collaborations between various bloggers to bring attention to issues barged on Muslims by others, focusing issues on Education, Religion, Society, Ethics, Politics, Civil rights, Peacefull co-existence in the plurastic society as well as random issues that popup nowadays with some ranting and humor touching the lives of citizens while maintain our individual identities, to co-operate but not to compromise.