10 Interesting Facts About Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed

Khalid ibn Al-Waleed facts & battles
Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed was one of the greatest military general that history has ever seen. Our Prophet ﷺ had said that he was one of the sword, Allah unleashed against the disbelievers.
What an excellent servant of Allah: Khalid bin Waleed, one of the swords of Allah, unleashed against the unbelievers.
-Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

He earned the nickname "Sword Of Allah" after the battle of Mu'tah where he defeated the Byzantines.

Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed
Born 592 CE, Mecca
Died 642 CE, Syria
Tomb Khalid Ibn Waleed Mosque, Homs (Syria)
Virtue Sword Of Allah (Saifullah)
Father Waleed Ibn Al-Mugheera
Tribe Quraish
Rank Military General (Greatest)
Total Number Of Battles 100+
(Famous: Battle Of Yarmuk, Battle Of Mutah, Battle Of Uhud, Battle Of Ullais)

He was such a man of such a stature that even in his dying he wished that he could get martyred in the battlefield. He would usually say during his last days:
Do you see a space of the span of a hand on my leg, chest, arm which is not covered by some scar of the wound of a sword or an arrow or a lance?

Describing the greatest military general, Hazrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) said:
Women will no longer be able to give birth to the likes of Khalid bin Al-Waleed.

10 Facts About Khalid Bin Waleed:

The facts presented below have been placed randomly, not following the chronological order.

1. He is considered as one of the finest & the greatest military general of all time.

2. Khalid ibn Al-Walid fought over 115 battles and remained undefeated.

3. Under his leadership, the Muslims conquered almost all of the Middle East.

4. It is reported that he alone in the battle of Mu'tah broke nine swords smashing the enemy until they ran away and Muslims retreated.

5. When Muslims conquered the holy city of Mecca, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed was also the part of the army under the glorious leadership of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

6. Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed used to warn his enemies by saying, "I have a group of people with me that love death as ardently as you love life".

7. Once, Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed swallowed poison in front of his enemies to show how powerful he was, which after his enemy immediately surrendered. He built up this resistance since childhood.

8. Khalid Bin Waleed destroyed hundreds of Roman statues when he took the city of Palmyra in Syria.

9. Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed was a champion wrestler and he loved wrestling.

10. When Khalid Ibn Al-Walid was in his death bed, he regretted not dying as a martyr upon which his friend said, "You could have never died in the battlefield." 

Upon asking the reason, his friend replied:
When Prophet Muhammad called you the "Sword of Allah", you are the sword of Allah and if you died in the battlefield then people would have said that an unbeliever has broken the sword of Allah, and this could never have possible.

Quotes Of Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed:

Here are some inspirational quotes by him:

"When I am in the battlefield, I love it more than my wedding night with the most beautiful women." (Khalid Bin Waleed)

"An army's strength lies not in numbers of men but in Allah's help, and its weakness lies in being forsaken by Allah."

Video: Top 5 facts about Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed.

Here is the video showing the five selected facts about Khalid Ibn Al-Waleed among the above 10 equipped with vocal only music background and some interesting slides to give a bit of the idea about the stature of such a military general and commander.


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