What Was The Best Moment For Mohammad Ali?

Mohammad Ali had many greatest moments in the boxing ring most of them were unique in his style. But what was that moment which himself Mohammad Ali described as his most unique and best feeling that he ever had? 

Here is Mohammad Ali's best moment in his own words:
Mohammad Ali's Best Moment, hajj
Mohammad Ali's Best Moment.
I have had many nice moments in my life. But the feelings I had while standing on Mount Arafat on the day of Hajj, was the most unique. I felt exalted by the indescribable spiritual atmosphere there as over a million and a half pilgrims invoked God to forgive them of their sins and bestow on them His choicest blessings. It was an exhilarating experience to see to people belonging to different colors, races and nationalities, kings, heads of states and ordinary men from very poor countries all clad in two simple white sheets praying to God without any sense of either pride or inferiority. It was a practical manifestation of the concept of equality in Islam.  
 Mohammad Ali was speaking to the daily "Al-Madinah" of Jeddah on 15th July 1989.

Who Is Mohammad Ali? (Brief)

Mohammad Ali was a heavyweight champion and activist from America. Born as Cassius Clay,  the Professional  American Boxer later reverted to Islam and adopted a name " Mohammad Ali". He is the most revered and significant sports icon of the 20th century. 
What Was The Best Moment For Mohammad Ali?
Mohammad Ali's Portrait.
✹ Highlights from Mohammad Ali's Life:
  • Mohammad Ali started training as a boxer at 12.
  • Being the only three consecutive times lineal heavyweight, He bagged WBA, ABC & lineal heavyweight titles.  
  • Ali refused to be the part of US Military citing American involvement in Vietnam War.  
  • For this decision, He was later appreciated. 
  • In 1972, Mohammad Ali made the Hajj Pilgrimage to Mecca and again visited later.  During Hajj Pilgrimage, He shared his most unique moment.  
  • Ali died on 3 June 2016.
  • Recently, the Louisville airport was renamed after Mohammad Ali to honor the late boxer.
Later, Mohammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's syndrome and after that, he limited his public appearance and devoted his rest of life in charitable works. 
What Was The Best Moment For Mohammad Ali?
Mohammad Ali's Quote.
"Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee" terms used for Mohammad Ali's style.

Video: Mohammad Ali's Best Moment.
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