Did Muhammad ﷺ Become Rich After Becoming Prophet?

Many Non-Muslims ask about Prophet Muhammad that whether He became rich after becoming Prophet?
The answer is here:
(Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ became so rich that...
  • He tied a piece of stone on his stomach to control hunger.
  • His beloved wife passed away having denied even a sip of water by disbelievers.
  • He worked in a garden to feed his daughter and her children.
  • His food for Iftar (breaking fast) was 2–3 dates which was no different from Sehri.
Every Prophet in Islam were sent with a promise from Allah that there is one prayer/dua in which anything asked will be given instantly with no if’s and but’s. Every Prophet used this Dua during their lifetime but Prophet Muhammad ﷺ did not. He asked Allah to reserve this Dua for the benefit of His Ummah/nation on the day of judgement and He is not using that. He had many requests through angels from Allah to ask for wealth as he was suffering which He denied gently.

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