What Does Jihad Actually Mean?

What Is Jihad According To Quran Means?

Jihad... A Simple Term Yet The Most Construed One.
Some Say It Is Synonymous With Terrorism!
Other Thinks It Means To Physical War Against Non-Muslims...
But What Actually Does It Mean?

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  • Smiling In Tough Moment Is Jihad.
  • Taking Care Of Your Parents In A Loving Way Is Jihad.
  • Forgiving The One Who Has Wronged You Is Jihad. 
  • Keeping Patience In Hard Time Is Jihad.
  • Struggling For Good Deeds Is Jihad. 
  • Standing For Truth Even If The World Is Against You Is Jihad.
  • Jihad Is Moulding Yourself To Give The Best To Your Family, Society & Country. 
  • It Is Actually A Holy War Against One's Own Shortcomings. 
  • Jihad Is Definitely Not What The Media Says.

Jihad According To Quran Means To Struggle & To Strive.

Wage a righteous war against your nafs (desires). Against your eyes for feasting on the impermissible; against your ears for listening to vain speech; against your limbs for sitting in company you should have left; and against your own heart for every time you allowed what was impure to enter it. This is the best struggle. #Jihaad

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