Only Allah Gives Life & Causes Death (Quran: 10, 56)

Giving life to all beings, creating them from nothing, and surrounding them with the proper conditions for their survival is a feature unique to Allah, Who has infinite power.
He gives life and causes death, and to Him you will be returned
Allah makes a sperm unite an ovum, both of which are invisible to the naked eye. As soon as the sperm destined to fertilize the egg enters the ovum, a membrane covers the egg and a new life begins. Allah divides this tiny cell first into two and then into four. This process proceeds rapidly, and the end result is a miraculous life starting in the mother’s womb. After some time, these cells change in order to form the embryo’s brain, nervous system, bones, and cartilage. This way, within only 9 months, Allah creates from nothing a human being who sees, hears, speaks, and uses his or her intelligence. He then grants life. Obviously, an egg and a sperm cannot accomplish these series of miraculous events, for only Allah causes them to unite and then protects the embryo within the mother’s womb for nine months. This is the first creation and the first bringing to life.

Allah grants life to each human being and destines each one to die on a particular day. Until then, He tests them in the life of this world. At the appointed time, He takes their lives and, on the Day of Judgment, resurrects them, just as He first created them from nothing, to repay them for what they did in the world. No doubt, this is easy for Allah, the Almighty. Yet those who ignore this resurrection say: He makes likenesses of Us and forgets his own creation, saying:
Who will give life to bones when they are decayed? (Surah Yaseen, 36:78) 
Allah promises that the Resurrection will occur, as the following verses indicate:
Say: “He Who made them in the first place will bring them back to life. He has total knowledge of each created thing.” (Surah Yaseen, 36:79)

So look at the effect of Allah’s mercy, how He brings the dead earth back to life. Truly He brings the dead to life. He has power over all things. 
(Surah Ar-Rum, 30:50)

Among His Signs is that you see the earth laid bare, and then, when We send down water on it, it quivers and swells. He Who gives it life also gives life to the dead. Certainly, He has power over all things. 
(Surah Fussilat, 41:39).
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