Fatima Al-Fihri & Facts About The World's First University

The University Of Al-Qarawiyyin founded by a Muslim woman named Fatima al-Fihri is one of the oldest, continually operating, a first degree-granting university in the world, the fact acknowledged by Guinness World Records.

Facts About Fatima Al-Firhi and First University
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Did you ever come across any popular source crediting a Muslim woman named Fatima al-Firhi for the world's first-ever academic university, the model that eventually gave birth to today's existing universities?

You might have not. Instead, you are being instilled with a perception that women in Islam are not allowed to seek education.

The example of Fatima al-Firhi are among the countless stories to tell.

10 Facts About Fatima al-Firhi:

Here are 10 interesting facts about Fatima Al-Firhi and his journey to establish the world's first university.

1. The University of Al-Qarawiyyin founded by Fatima al-Firhi is the oldest, continually operating & first academic university in the world.

2. Fatima al-Firhi was originally from Tunisia. Her family moved to Fez, Morocco.t

3. Fatima al-Firhi was a student of Islamic jurisprudence.

4. She first built a mosque with the wealth she inherited from her father (Who was a successful merchant of that time).

5. Fatima al-Firhi then established the University as the extensions of that mosque.

6. Being a devout & pious Muslim, Fatima al-Firhi made a commitment to fast daily from the first day of construction of the Mosque to until the completion of the project.

7. The library in the University of Al-Qarawiyyin remains one of the oldest library in the world housing some of the most valuable Islamic manuscripts.

8. Not only Muslim students, non-Muslim students like Christian & Jews were also welcomed in the university.

9. Fatima and her sister, Mariam used their inherited wealth for the benefit of the community.

10. All family members of Fatima Al-Firhi except her and Mariam, including their only brother died early.

The contribution of Fatima al-Firhi is one of the timeless dedication to the Islamic tradition of learning and academic study. The stories of many more Muslim women like her didn't find a place in the popular historical references. 

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