"Unmasking the Unknown: The Miracle of Forgiveness and Rain"

In the time of Musa (A.S), Bani Isra’il suffered from an intense drought.

They came together to ask Allah for rain, but the heat just intensified.

It was revealed to Musa there was a man amongst them disobeying Allah for 40 years.

He was the reason the entire nation suffered.

Musa announced to Bani Isra’il that this sinful man must remove himself from the people so that the rain could fall again.

So this man whose identity is unknown had a difficult decision to make. If he remained hidden, the people would continue to suffer, and if he removed himself, he’d be exposed and humiliated.

So he raised his hands and asked Allah for forgiveness with a sincerity he never knew before.

And with that the rain began to fall.

Confused, Musa asked Allah - "you blessed us with rain even though the man did not come forward?"

Allah said, "O Musa, it’s because of his repentance I blessed all of Bani Isra’il with water."

When Musa asked to know who he was, Allah responded again:

"O Musa, I concealed the man’s identity while he sinned 40 years, do you think I would expose him after his repentance?"

We still have time. The last 10 nights aren't over yet. So let's raise our hands with heightened sincerity asking Allah to forgive us, hide our sins, and shower His mercy on us.

O Allah you are the One who pardons, You love to pardon, so pardon me.

He will answer you.

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