Famous Celebrities Who Accepted Islam

Celebrities Who Accepted Islam

 Top 5 Celebrities Who Reverted To Islam Are:
  • Mohammad Ali
  • Malcolm X
  • Lauren Booth
  • Dr Gary Miller
  • A.R. Rahman
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From the video:

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali
Born As Cassius Clay. This 20th century sport Icon & Heavyweight Champion accepted Islam In 1964.

Malcolm X

At the age of 21, He was arrested for larceny where he came in  contact with Nation of Islam in prison.

Lauren Booth

An English Brodcastter , Journalist, Activist & Sister-in-Law of former British PM Tony Blair reverted to Islam in 2010. She is a practising Muslim.

Dr. Gary Miller

A Mathematician by profession & a Christian Missionary reverted to Islam after understanding the Holy Quran however his motive was to find out the mistakes and to counteract the Muslims with those. But this changed everything inside him. 

A.R. Rahman

The Indian Music Director Composer & Songwriter born as Hindu, Rahman reverted to Islam at the age of 20.

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In The Video:
1. Mohammad Ali Reversions To Islam
2. Malcolm X Reversions To Islam.
3. Lauren Booth Reversions To Islam.
4. Dr Gary Miller Reversions To Islam.
5. A.R. Rahman Reversions To Islam.

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