He Is Our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Prophet Muhammad, the single greatest human being who had ever lived on this earth was sent by Allah as a mercy to mankind.  
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Prophet Muhammad, the most blessed and the highest and loftiest in the rank of all the creatures of Allah s.w.t. However, no words can justify the specialities, He had, we are just trying to highlight the life of our beloved Prophet from various authentic sources simplified in various parts.

Description Of Our Prophet ﷺ: A Man Beyond Any Comparison!
Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Mohammad PBUH, Biography
Beautiful Description Of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
A Man of Striking face, Radiant face, Beautifully created. His belly wasn't protruding nor was his head disproportionate and small, proportionate & delicate, finely made, A specimen of creation. In his eyes there was a contrast, the dark was immensely dark and the white was excessively white & his eyelashes were long and in his voice was a natural echo, & his neck was elegantly long. HIS beard was full & thick.HIS eyebrows were arched, but they were not joined, it was separated. When he was silent dignity covered him and when he spoke it was audible and clear almost commanding & overtaking. From afar, the most striking and outstanding in appearance & when he came near the best of them & the most handsome of them in closeness such an exalted & sweet level of logic like when he used to speak it was so coherently logical. It was smooth & easy to understand. He was to the point, not excessive nor too short. His logic, His utterances, his words were like jewels coming out of a necklace, calculated, polished one after the other it would flow magically. HE was taller than a moderate build but not exceedingly tall but he was of a middle stature inclining towards heights. HE was a comfortable sight to look at. When HE used to say something Companions used to harken to what HE used to say.When HE commanded they used to compete to fulfil the command. He is our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.
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