5 Tips To Make Ramadan Activities Productive

For Ramadan, we have brought you the 5 tips for making this blessed month successful and productive. We usually end up Ramadan just by limiting our activities to fasting but certainly, it's not up to here. Islam has special rewards for all the Ramadan activities.

Here is the to do list for a productive Ramadan: 
  1. Don't eat and drink too much.  
  2. Give charity daily. 
  3. Pray five times a day. 
  4. Get connected with the Holy Quran. 
  5. Attain Taqwa (God Consciousness).
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Do these five activities in the month of Ramadan & get the most out of it:

1. Don't eat & drink too much:

Eating too much is a common mistake made by many who fast during Ramadan. Once it's time to eat, we eat like there is no tomorrow overloading our stomach until it's it difficult to move. This then makes us lazy and unproductive. Keep in mind that Ramadan is about self-control, not self-indulgence. So let's try to stick to the prophetic rule on eating.
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Break Your Fast According To Prophetic Rule Of Eating.
Fill our stomach with one-third food, one-third water and one-third breathing space (InshaAllah). 

2. Give Charity Daily:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was always generous but even more so during the month of Ramadan. The rewards for charity increased so much during Ramadan that everyone is strongly advised who can to donate a little amount every single day during this month. The reward will be multiplied many times. This way you can also guarantee... Your donation is on Laylatul Qadr, the night of power. A person who donates only £10 on Laylatul Qadr will have the reward of donating £300,000 of charity. Don't miss it out!

3. Pray five times a day:

During the month of Ramadan, you will find the masjid completely packed out during Taraweeh prayers which is amazing. But then during the five daily prayers, you will notice the masjid nowhere near as packed. Unfortunately, many people have mixed up their priorities, the Farz (Obligatory) 5 daily prayers have been put below the sunnah Taraweeh. Although nobody can deny the importance of the Taraweeh prayers which comes with an abundance of rewards and blessings. The 5 daily prayers will always be greater and above all the sunnah or optional prayers. So, please do not neglect your obligatory activities this month.

4. The month of the Holy Quran:

During Ramadan, many Muslims try to finish the Holy Quran as fast as possible. Some people finish reciting it 2, 3 or even 5 times. SubhanAllah as though it's a speeding competition. It is recited without any understanding or contemplation. Although there is always benefit (Spiritual) in reciting the verses of the Quran, there is greater benefit in reciting it with understanding because the purpose of the Quran is to guide mankind. And how can we be guided if we don't take time to understand the verses?
So, make this the month... You truly connect with the Quran.

5. Attain Taqwa (God Consciousness):

The Quran prescribes fasting for the believers as:
Oh you who have believed decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you, so that you may attain Taqwa."
(Quran- Surah Baqarah: 02, Verse No: 183)
Hence the intent and effect of fasting as described in this verse are to acquire taqwa. Presence of taqwa helps protect a believer from committing sins and to overcome the nafs (desire). There is no equivalent English word for taqwa.
In Islamic terminology, taqwa refers to the state of consciousness where one constantly feels the presence of his Creator, obeys His command to attain his pleasure and avoid disobedience to him not only out of His fear...but also for the love Of Him.
These are just 5 activities or tips, if you would follow, you are going to have a productive Ramadan.
Wishing You All A Blessed Ramadan. 
Please share these tips with your friends and family!  
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