Dr Gary Miller, The Amazing Quran & His Conversion To Islam

Dr Gary Miller conversion to Islam

Dr Gary Miller, an active Christian missionary once decided to challenge the holy Quran. Did you know why?

He was under the impression that it would contain mixture of some truth and falsehoods. What happened to him then? Well, there is an amazing story to discuss!

Who is Dr Gary Miller? 

Dr Gary Miller is a mathematician by profession who loves to be logical in every realms of his life.

Being an active missionary, he served Christianity by inviting people into his fold. He faced unexpected resistance while pursuing the Muslim community for conversion.

To counteract them, he decided to challenge the holy Quran. The Christian missionary then started to study the Quran to find out some mistakes in it. Why?

So that he may use those errors as an opportunity to convert the Muslims to Christianity.

Assuming the Quran a mere outdated and ancient book, he thought it would contain chapters talking about deserts, stories of Prophet Muhammad and its related contents. But to his amazed it was something that he hadn’t expected at all. The rest is his amazing story.

Dr Gary Miller’s amazing story.

It was Biblical research coupled with his Church activities that led him to discover the vast difference between the official dogma of the Church and the contents of Bible.

Moreover within a few days of reading the Quran, Dr Gary Miller realized that his expectations were wrong and remarked it in following words:

Calling the Quran amazing is not something done only by Muslims, who have an appreciation for the book and who are pleased with it; it has been labelled amazing by non-Muslims as well. In fact, even people who hate Islam very much have still called it amazing.

-The Amazing Quran by Dr Gary Miller.

His expectations vs reality of the Quran. 

The expectations of him for the Quran was to be an: 

  • An old book written fourteen centuries ago.
  • A book that tells about the desert. 
  • A book that is too old in knowledge and so on.

 He was amazed to find the contrary. Not only that Dr Miller discovered that this book had what no other book in the world has.

And what made him even more confused is that: He found a full Surah (Chapter) in the Quran named “Mary” that contains a lot of respect to Marry (as) which is not in the case even in the books written by Christians nor in their Bibles. But failed to find a Surah or Chapter named after “Fatimah”(the Prophet’s daughter) nor “Aishah” (the Prophet’s wife), may Allah (God) be pleased with both of them.

He also found that the names of Jesus (as) was mentioned in the Quran 25 times while the name of “Prophet Muhammad” was mentioned only 4 times. All this confused him more.

He kept reading the Quran more thoroughly hoping to surely find a mistake only to get shocked on finding the great verse of Surah Nisha. The verse in which Allah ask people to find any discrepancy in his book (i.e., Verse number 82). 

Quoting about this particular verse, he said:

What’s amazing is that the Holy Quran asks Muslims and non-Muslims to try to find mistakes in this book and it tells them that they will never find any.

Further, he was amazed to see the glorious Quran talking about scientific discoveries in the precise manner as explained by the modern science in our times which is no way could have been known to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ at that time, compelling him to think of the divine nature of the book.

The Quran & the Bible.

After reading the Quran, Dr Gary Miller compared it with the Bible (altered form). He remarked that no other holy book uses the style of Quran, all the other books consist of information that tells you where this information came from.

“For example”, he said, “when the holy Bible (distorted) talks about the stories of the ancient nations, it tells you that a this king lived in a this place and a that leader fought in that battle, and that a certain person had a number of kids and their names are these.” 

Dr Miller detailed about the styles Quran uses to address its reader with many examples. Concluding this, he said:

This is in contrary to the Quran which gives you the exact informations and tells you that it’s new! 

Dr Gary Miller converted to Islam in 1978.

Finally in 1978, Dr Gary Miller accepted the religion of Islam with full satisfaction and ample proofs. He had a debate with the famous Muslim preacher Dr Ahmad Deedat prior to his conversion. This also cemented his perspective about Islam.

Now, he goes by the name of Abdul Ahad Omar who resides in Toronto, Canada.

The Amazing Quran.

Since his reversion, Brother Gary Miller has boarded on a mission of Dawah. He has delivered a series of lectures in many parts of the world. 

In addition, he also presents Islam in the form of debates and questions and answers sessions. He also wrote books on many topics. 

One such is “The Amazing Quran” in which Dr Gary Miller shared his complete journey to Islam. The book has earned positive reviews across the world. Isn’t his journey inspiring? To know his reviews about the Quran, read The Amazing Quran.

You will find it interesting as I did. I wrote this post only after getting inspired by his lectures & more importantly the book.

Truly, Allah works in mysterious ways!


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