Surely, Allah Doesn't Love The Extravagant (Surah Al-Araaf); Feed The Hungry

An Important Message For All: Eat and Drink what is halal for you and take that much which is necessary for you; don't be extravagant.
Verses from the Quran warning the extravagant: of its fruit when it bears fruit, and pay the due of it on the day of its reaping, and do not act extravagantly; surely He does not love the extravagant.” (Surah Anaam 6:141)

And do not squander wastefully, surely the squanderers are the followers of the shaitans and the Shaitan is ever ungrateful to his Lord.” (Surah Bani Israel 17:26-27)
The extravagant are the inmates of the fire.” (Surah Momin 40:43)
Being extravagant simply means having more than what you need.
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