Importance Of Women In Islam

Women in Islam have equal status as that of men. There are misconceptions bombarded by biased media & anti-Islamists that women in Islam are subjugated, depressed or oppressed. But what the Quran says about women's rights is exactly the opposite of it.
Importance of women in Islam, Quran about Women, Status of women in Islam
And for women are rights over men, similar to those of men over women.”
(Quran: Surah Al-Baqarah-02, Verse No-228)
From the first prophet Adam (a.s.) to the last Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, this soil, this earth has been gifted about 1,24,000 prophets were men. Somebody act why not a single woman has been descendent to this world as a prophet? It was answered. So what if a woman has not been descendent to this world as a prophet? Women have given birth to Prophets. Women have secured prophets in their wombs for nine months. Women have fed milk to prophets.

Status Of Women In Arab Before Prophet Muhammad :

1500 years ago, women in Arab regions had no respect, they were ill-treated, they were tortured, they were oppressed, they were subjugated. When baby girls were born, parents buried them alive. This was the period of Jahalat (Goofiness). Then descendent the most truthful, the most trustworthy, the most loyal, the most caring Muhammad to this world. Even the enemies of Islam believed in His truthfulness and loyalty. It is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who did justice to women, who gave rights to women, who treated women with respect and loyalty. Since then, women in Islam have great significance. It is prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who introduced women to this world.

Importance Of Women In Islam:

When a woman is a daughter she is a source of Rehmat (mercy) for that house. When a woman is a wife, she is a source of completing half of her husband's demand. When a woman is a mother, she is a source of heaven for her children.

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Like pearls are found deep down at the bottom of the ocean covered and protected, diamonds are found deep down in the ground covered and protected, gold is found lay down in the mines covered with layers and layers of rocks. Woman is sacred, woman is priceless, she is far more precious than a diamond. The woman is inestimable. She is far more precious than gold.
This is the transcripted version of the speech by Asba Anam. The video of which is presented below.
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