Hashim Amla Jersey Didn't Have The Tag Of Alcohol Product

Hashim Amla didn't wear the tag of an alcohol product on his jersey and had given away the money of the match sponsored by South African Breweries. Is it a fact or a hoax?
No Alcohol tag on Hashim Amla Jersey

You can clearly spot the differences between the jerseys of the two cricketers above in the photo. The one donned by Hashim Amla didn't have the logo of Castle Lager, a flagship product of South African Breweries. But the other have!

Hashim Amla made headlines several times in his career be it with his lifestyle or performances. One of the famous is that he refused to have alcohol product tag on his Jersey as he didn't want to promote it.

Why Hashim Amla Refused To Wear Alcohol Tag?

Promotion and consumption of alcohol are strictly forbidden in Islam. Hashim Amla is a staunch follower of Islam which he showed many times through his actions and behaviours.

Many consider this as to be a hoax but we, after extensive research got this to be presented as a fact. Yes, Hashim Amla with jersey number 1 refused to wear the Castle tag and gave away the money of the match sponsored by the South African Breweries (not only pays 50% match fee as fine as claimed by some unverified sources). He was exempted from this after he sought permission from the board.

Hashim Amla Is A Staunch Muslim Cricketer.

Recently Hashim Amla announced his retirement from all forms of international cricket leaving behind many unexpected records. This decision of Amla stunned many of his teammates and fans all over the world, some describing it as an "end of an era".

Reiterating himself as a staunch believer, he said:
The importance of my religion has increased as I have got older. I couldn't put a time frame on it but I have found that following the Islamic way of life has a lot of beauty to it. Although I was born into a Muslim family I wasn't always practising. The more I have understood the differences in the various faiths I have adopted as much of Islam as possible. I'm certainly no saint but the discipline of the Islamic way of life has helped my cricket without a doubt. I don't drink and I pray five times a day, which gives stability to my daily routine."

- Hashim Amla.

What an inspiring player he is. He set an example that even being a devout Muslim, one can excel in sports like cricket and can be an ambassador of Islam.

We Will Miss You, Hashim Amla ❤️. 

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