Today, We Want To Be In A Win-Win Situation And Don't Discharge Our Responsibilities!

Everybody Of Us Is Aware Of The Atrocities Muslims Are Facing Nowadays In The Country, And All Of Us Are Worried About It!
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So, The First Question That Should Arise Is, Why Is It Even Happening At The First Place? 
Because We Are Muslims; We Have Decided To Follow A Prescribed Set Of Regulations And Not Flow With The Tide!

So Why Have We Decided To Do That?
Because We Believe In The Life Hereafter, The Original One; We Believe That We Are Sent Here By An Almighty For A Short Span; And We Believe That The Best Way To Cross This Shortly Assigned Life Is The One That We Learnt Through An Assigned Messenger Sent By The Almighty Among Us!

Okay, So Why Is This Not Helping?
Because We Are Opting For A Better Place, Akhirah, The Hereafter! Those Opting For This World Are More Deserving Of Its Comfort!

Does It Mean That We Have To Live Through Humiliation To Get The Comfort Of The Next Life?
Absolutely Not! 
The Almighty Has Assured A Respected Life And Universal Superiority For His Special Servants!

So Are We Not The Special Servants?
We Would Have Been, Had We Practiced What We Believed In! 

What Does It Mean?
There Were Times We Enjoyed Almighty's Favour When We Submitted Ourselves To HIM! People Wanted Us To Head Their State Of Affairs While We Renounced Prestige!

But Today, We Want To Be In A Win-Win Situation In Terms Of Life At Both Places And Don't Discharge Our Responsibilities!
In Turn, People Don't Even Like To Live With Us Anymore!

We Don't Follow The Ordains,We Don't Stop From The Prohibitions; Long Story Short, 
"On A Regular Basis,We Break The Agreement Of The Prescribed Set, DEEN-E-ISLAM ,If Not Orally,Through Our Actions!"
The Almighty Is Not Happy With Us, He Took Away His Special Favour!

Quite Obvious! Is It Too Late For Us To Regain The Special Status?
Of Course,Not! The Doors Of Almighty Are Still Open As Ever! All We Have To Do Is,Surrender To The Ultimate Power,Hold Strong The Agreement Through Our Deeds!

And This Too Should Mark The End Of The Ongoing Barbarity With Us, Won't It?
HIM Willing,It Will!
When We Sacrifice Our Intimacy With The Worldly Affairs And We Cut Our Never-Ending Wishes Short : HE 'Raises' Us,
And The Temporal Achievements Fall Beneath Our Feet!

The Doors Of Almighty Are Still Open As Ever! All We Have To Do Is,Surrender!

When We Turn Our Expectations Away From The Creations Towards The Creator, Every Living Or Non Living Creation Is Turned Towards Us!

Fascinating! What About The Other Options We Talk And Seek Regularly To Counter The Cruelty In The Country?
Those May Be Secondary Options,And Are All Ineffective Until We Get The Primary One Right!

Didn't We All Know This Actual Reason Earlier?
Yes We Did! If Someone Claims To Know Not,The Claim Is Not True! There Are Already A Lot Of Places Where This Is Exclusively Discussed!
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But We Still Talk A Lot About Atrocities,We Are Even Worried About It, Why Don't We Work On This Reason If We Know And We Believe?
This Is Something We Should Ask Ourselves...🙂[Period]

  • It Is Yet To Be Answered Whether We Have Put Aside Our Ever-Lasting Wishes For The Heavenly Commandments?
  • It Is Yet To Be Answered What Time Do We Spend Daily, Learning & Practicing The Deen? 
  • It Is Yet To Be Answered How Much Do We Sacrifice Ourselves To Get Used Up For Others' Cause? 
  • It Is Yet To Be Answered What Part Of Our Time Is Being Spent At Mosques,Madrassahs,Among The Pious,And With Ulamas & Waliullahs? 
  • And Lastly, It Is Yet To Be Answered When Are We Finally Stopping Beating The Drums And Get Rolling Through Our Deeds?
Here Muslims Refer To Those Who Have Voluntarily Declared Islam As Their Deen In Real Sense(and not everyone with such tag on Papers)!
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