Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 & NRC | Anti-Muslims Bills By BJP Government?

What is Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 & NRC? How these are anti-Muslims agenda by BJP led Indian Government, a pro-Hindu lobby in a secular state.

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 Along With NRC Explained In Brief.

Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) seeks to grant Indian citizenship to people all religions except Muslims which was the life long motive of the Hindutva brigade to sideline the Indian Muslim community.

The Hindutva nationalist Govt sets to carryout NRC by 2024, under which everyone have to prove their nationality means the those who don't posses documents will be declared as illegal immigrants even if they are Indian.

The practical manifestation of CAB is NRC and the Govt. already knows it that most of the Indians irrespective of religions can't make to the NRC list as everyone one can't pass the litmus test such a tedious and tortous process. 
Among the left out, all would have the chance to get the citizenship except Muslims!

Whether the Muslims who will be left out from NRC list is to be driven out or put in detention centre? It remains unclear!

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