6 Muslim Countries Who Awarded & Honoured Narendra Modi Ignoring His Anti-Muslim Tales

Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India and a Hindutva nationalist who was once accused of leading the worst Anti-Muslim Genocide of Gujrat in 2002, has been awarded and honoured by 6 Muslim countries. Those Muslim countries are:
  1. Saudi Arabia (with King Abdul Aziz Sash Award in April 2016)
  2. Afghanistan (with Amir Amanullah Khan Award in June 2016)
  3. Palestine (with Grand Collar Of The State in February 2018)
  4. Maldives (with Rule Of Nishan Izzuddeen in June 2019)
  5. The United Arab Emirates-UAE (with Order Of Zayed in August 2019)
  6. Bahrain (with The King Hamad Order Of The Renaissance in August 2019)
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Narendra Modi, an RSS nurtured Hindutva nationalist who presents himself as an inclusive leader before the world, the reality in his home-country is otherwise. Let alone being an inclusive leader, he doesn't even shy away from making Anti-Muslims & bigotry remarks in his public speeches.

Recently, Delhi witnessed the worst Anti-Muslims carnage, where many houses, shops & properties mainly belonging to Muslims along with their Mosques were set ablaze and burned down by Hindutva goons, echoing the Gujrat Genocide of 2002. The state police which is under the patronage of central govt. led by Modi, were found to be equally complicit with the goons in attacking the Muslims. As of now, 45 people mostly Muslims were killed (The actual data shows the higher figure).
It took 3 consecutive days of bloodsheds for a Prime Minister of the country to issue a vague statement about it.
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Courtesy: The Atlantic's Headline.

What do you think about this? Tell us below the comment section as to why the 6 Muslim countries awarded Modi?

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