A Hindu Who Saved 6 Muslims In Delhi Riot, Is Battling For His Life.

Premkant Baghel, a Hindu suffered 70% burn injuries while saving his Muslim neighbours from the clutches of fire set out by Hindutva goons in the recent Anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi.
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Delhi witnessed a horrific Anti-Muslim carnage & worst in the decade over the past few days where mosques along with the properties mostly of Muslims were burned down & destroyed by Hindutva goons.

But Premkant Baghel wasn't among the rioters, he, instead braved the mobs and jumped in to save his neighbours after sensing their houses had been set ablaze. He suffered 70% burns with no any ambulance to take him to hospital. After spending the whole night in his house, he was taken to the nearby GTB hospital.

The Delhi police instead of countering were seen supporting the Hindutva mobs as evident from videos of the riot surfaced on social media.

Some unofficial sources claimed that the riot caused the loses summed up to ₹25,000 Crores (economic loss) and more than 43 people were killed as of now. Many people are injured, some of whom are fighting for their life.

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