Saudi Arabia Hinted The Restrictions Of Hajj Pilgrimage This Year Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

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Muslims around the world planning for Hajj pilgrimage this year may have to cancel it if the world fails to contain the Coronavirus epidemic.

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It is hinted that Saudi Arabia might restrict the pilgrimage of hajj for few with new regulations in place this year due to the pandemic as it recorded 500+ cases of COVID-19 (as of now) which is spreading exponentially.

This presumption is based on a fact that the Saudi Ministry of Tourism via a tweet asks hotels to allow for cancellation of reservations without charging any fees (as reported in Arab News).

While the authority certainly has asked for the cancellations of reservation but it has NOT yet confirmed the cancellation of Hajj. alert-success

Saudi Arabia Suspended Umrah Temporarily.

Saudi Arabi earlier this month temporarily suspended Umrah to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. Week ago, the kingdom also suspended the prayers in the holy mosques of Mecca and Madina.

The country which hosts millions of Muslims from around the world every year had in February cancelled visas for visits to the holy cities of Mecca and Madina.

Hajj Committee Of India Notice:

The hajj committee of India issued a notice today asking for the payments of second instalment while declaring uncertainty on further course of actions.
The notice reads:
 In view of the present situation of country and Saudi Arabia with reference to previous circular No. I I dated 13th March, 2020. It is hereby informed that the Haji's who have yet not paid second instalment they are permitted to pay second instalment along with the third instalment.

Considering the uncertainty and the situation all over world the declaration of third instalment will be done after getting the confirmation of the Haj and participation of Indians in Haj by Saudi Arabia.

Yet Saudi Arabia has not decided on it there latest communication has asked for not doing any new commitment for Haj-2020.

The amount deposited by Haji with Haj Committee of India is safe and can be returned fully at any time in case any unexpected decision happens in future.

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May things get normal before the start of the hajj pilgrimage. 

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