Famous Austrian Boxer Wilhelm Ott Converted To Islam Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Austrian Boxer Wilhelm Ott Converted To Islam

The famous Austrian Boxer Wilhelm Ott has converted to Islam. He stressed that the corona crisis gave him the necessary rest to find his faith again.

Islam has occupied him for many years. But there were also times when he couldn't do anything with it and he let himself be influenced politically.

But when he had hard times, the Islamic faith gave him the necessary strength. Life goes up and down.

Wilhelm Ott also said:
My faith is now strong enough that I can recognize the only true God and speak the Shahada to be able to say proudly, yes I am a Muslim.

Video of Wilhelm Ott accepting Islam by reciting the Shahada.

Here is the video of him taking Shahada & takbeer shared on his Instagram handle.

The famous Austrian boxer also updated his bio in his instagram handle. It says:
🇦🇹Moslem ☝️Instinct Gym. Fb. Willi Ott., Matchmaker First Round, MMA Champion in 2 weight classes, MMA Europa Champ, Vendetta Champ.

He also posted a picture of himself holding the Holy Quran with a message starting with the Salaam.

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