A Voice/Call in the Desert

Dhul Hijjah (the month of Sacrifice & Hajj) is all about Sunnah of Ibrahim عليه اسلام , his wife Hajarسلام عليها & his Son Ismael عليه اسلام    

So Dua Insight Team during the  "The ten best days of the year" - i.e Ist ten days of Dhul Hijjah had tried to collect the set of The Aayaat of Quraa'n from 
Surah Ibrahim - Aayah (35 - 41) in the form of Dua, which Ibrahim عليه اسلام had made  in the barren Deserts of Mecca.

This is not the place with Lush gardens or Beautiful beaches but is barren.
And why is this Location Allah chosen?

Makkah so that no one can come to this place except that they are seeking Allah Subhan o Tala, 

There is no other reason except for this Haram ( i.e sacred Place ) that Allah had set up so that we may establish worhip of HIM.

We request you to go thru the Ayaat below where we had represented the DUA'S of Ibrahim عليه اسلام  into our graphics, that were  entitled "A Voice/Call in the Desert "  in a simple way to reflect & understand in better comprehensive way.

Below are the few pictorials of the Aayah in the form of Dua - made simple & concise with different color scheme so that one can easily differentiate the Noun (Ism), Verbs (Fa' él) & Particle (Harf i.e - preposition, Conjunction,  Artilcle & etc) in the Aayah & remember by understanding it.

Source - Yaqeen Institute

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Concept - © Dua Insight Section of @EduIslam

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