Muslim Female Freedom Fighters Of India

Muslim female freedom fighters of India
The history of India's freedom struggle is incomplete without crediting the female freedom fighters for their contributions.

Not only did they shoulder men but also they equally played their parts in fighting the British out.

And when it comes to the discussion of freedom fighters of India, most of the pages of the mainstream sources revolve around the stories of the heroic roles of men. 

Even if any rare source mentioned them, they had limited it to only a few omitting the others who also deserve the same tributes. 

Below we are going list up the names of those Muslim female freedom fighters whom any rarest of the rare mentioned.

List Of Muslim Female Freedom Fighters:

From the revolutionary queen of Awadh Begum Hazrat Mahal to the woman behind the national flag Suraiya Tayyabji, here is the list of 40 female freedom fighters who were Muslims.

1. Begum Hazrat Mahal
2. Begum Zeenat Mahal
3. Abaadi Bano Begum
4. Begum Nishat Unnisa Mohani
5. Syeda Fakrul Haziya Hassan
6. Anis Begum Kidwai
7. Qulsum Sayani
8. Masooma Begum
9. Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan
10. Suraiya Tayyabji
11. Hazra Bibi Ismail
12. Hazra Begum
13. Jamal Unnisa Baji
14. Dr Rashid Jahan
15. Aruna Asaf Ali
16. Sakina Banu Begum
17. Zubaida Begum Daoodi
18. Zara Ansari
19. Sherifa Hamid Ali
20. Raiban Tyabji
21. Ayesha Ahmed
22. Sadat Bano Kichlew
23. Dr Darkhashan Anjum
24. Azizan
25. Amjadi Begum
26. Sultana Hayat Ansari
27. Zulekha Begum
28. Nishat Unnisa Begum
29. Razia Khatoon
30. Akbari Begum
31. Ashgari Begum
32. Zahida Khatoon Sherwani
33. Muneera Begum
34. Amina Qureshi
35. Fatima Qureshi
36. Shafaat un-Nisa Bibi
37. Safia Saad
38. Asmat Ara
39. Sughra Khatoon
40. Bibi Amatul Islam

The original list is long and many are undocumented. When a Muslim cleric first called for Jihad against the Britishers, not only men but Muslim female also fought enthusiastically alongside them to oust the Britishers. 

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