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The Message or Al-Risalah in Arabic, is an Islamic historical movie directed by Moustapha Akkad. It was a joint venture between countries like Libya, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria and the United Kingdom.

The Message Review:

The epic drama highlights the few aspects of the blessed life of Prophet Muhammad by focussing on the character of his uncle, Hazrat Hamza r.a. 

It starts with the Prophet Muhammad's mission of Dawah to Islam in its early days.

During His mission, the prophet and His companions who were a minority in Arab, face threats, boycotts and battles not only from their fiercest enemies but from their own people. This movie revolves around those few incidents.

Many of those people later went to accept Islam in their later part of their life. 

You can sum up the movie as the depictions of few events happened after the prophethood of Muhammad (saw).

The message movie in urdu or hindi
The Message Ratings
IMDb rating 8.2/10
Google Users 4.9/5
Rotten Tomatoes 92%

Criticism Of The Message:

The film received widespread criticism from the Muslim world even before its release. However, valuing the Islamic tradition, The Message doesn't depict any image or voice of the Prophet.

It got approval from Al-Azhar of Egypt but got rejection from the Muslim World League.

Watch or download the movie in Urdu or Hindi.

The Message was originally shot in two languages, i.e, Arabic and English. However, it has been in other regional languages too, including Urdu/Hindi.

Watch the movie above online or download it from below.


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