10 Biggest Muslim Inventions That Shaped The Modern World

From the first-ever university to fascinating advancements in the medical field, there are countless of Muslim inventions that have shaped the modern world.

Muslim inventions

Many Muslim scientists with excelling contributions to almost every disciplines flourished in the Islamic golden age.

Let's discuss some of those!

Top 10 Muslim inventions:

In this post, I will list up only the 10 biggest achievements of Muslim scientists, without which we cannot expect the modern world.

1. Surgery by Al-Zahrawi.

Can we expect the modern medical world without surgery? Obviously not! 

Thanks to the famous Andalusian-Arab physician and scientist Abu al-Qasim Khalaf ibn al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi for his credible inventions. The endeavors of this Muslim scientist took surgery to a higher level.

Many of the surgical instruments he invented, are still being used today.

The Western world call him "Albucasis". Al-Zahrawi is also known as the "Father of Surgery" for his pioneering effort in this field.

2. Camera by Ibn Al-Haitham.

The fascinating works of the Arab astronomer and physicist, Ibn Al-Haitham revolutionized the field of optics. His experimental works and ideas are pivotal to the inventions of modern days cameras. 

Besides observing the working of our eyes, he first experimentally projected an image on to the opposite wall of a dark room through pin hole. Ibn Al-Haitham called it "Qamara". 

It was the world’s first camera obscura.

Camera is a Muslim invention

So, what do you think what wouldn't have been possible without the invention of camera?

This is one of the important Muslim invention that shaped the world.

That's why we know Ibn Al-Haitham as the "father of modern optics". 

3. Algebra by Al-Khwarizmi.

When you came across Algebra in your middle school, you wouldn't have realised its importance.

The advancements in the modern science wouldn't have been possible without the mathematical application of science and the invention of algebra.

This Muslim invention is credited to a 9th century mathematician and astronomer Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. 

Moreover, Al-Khwarizmi developed the concept of algorithm. If you don't know what algorithm is, let me tell you it is a set of rules followed in problem solving operations. This is the basis on which a computer works.

Musa Al-Khwarizmi made stunning contributions to the area of mathematics, astronomy, geography and cartography.

Beside being known as the "father of Algebra", he is also called as the "grandfather of computer science".

4. First-ever degree granting university. 

Meet Fatima Al-Firhi, a Muslim lady who founded the world's oldest existing university in 859 AD. She was a student of Islamic jurisprudence.

The university was established alongside of a mosque she built, in Morocco.

According to the fact acknowledged by both Guinness World Records and UNESCO, the university of Al-Qarawyyin is the most ancient university in the world still operating, established before any European universities.

All the modern universities that you see today are based on her concept.

5. Coffee from Yemen.

The fifth Muslim invention is a popular drink, coffee. 

Hardly anyone of us is not familiar with this Muslim invention. The first use of Coffee dates back to the 15th century in the Muslim world, particularly Yemen.

By the next century, it spread to the other part of the world. 

Coffee gained popularity due to its larger nutritional benefits among others. 

6. The idea of Flying Machine.

We generally credit the invention of flying machine to Wright Brothers only.

But, what do you think what prompted them to think about it? 

It was Abbas Ibn Firnas who first designed a winged apparatus in the 9th century. His design
roughly resembled a bird costume.

In his most famous trial near Cordoba in Spain, Firnas flew upward for a few moments, before falling to the ground and breaking his back. 

Undoubtedly, this idea led the invention of first flying machine. 

7. Crankshaft by Al-Jazari.

From water pumps to musical automatons, Ismail Al-Jazari's marvellous inventions laid the foundation of modern engineering, hydraulics, and robotics.

This Muslim scientist designed the crankshaft that could convert the rotary motion to linear one.

This idea exploded to the world that led to the development of everything from bicycle to internal combustion engine.

Al-Jazari is the father of Robotics for his outstanding contributions in the mechanical field.

Al-Jazari's inventions

8. First hospital.

We can trace the world's first documented hospital to 805 in Baghdad.

The United States National Library of Medicine credits the development of hospital to the medieval Islamic civilization.

It was one of the important institutions of Muslim civilization. Most of the hospitals existing today are based on the same model.

Generally, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad to take care of the sick people gave birth to this idea.

9. Toothbrush as Miswak.

Yes, the toothbrush you use everyday is a Muslim invention. Let me take you to the brief history about it.

Do you know what a Mistake is? Probably not! 

So, Miswak is a twig used for cleaning one’s mouth and teeth. And this was the first Toothbrush in history. 

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recommended the Arak miswak for cleaning the mouth and he used this kind specifically. That's why it is still famous among Muslims. 

The below hadith stresses the importance of Miswak in Islam: 
I urge you to use the Miswak.
- Saheeh Al-Bukhari. 
Then evolve the modern day toothbrush from it. Still some of the toothpastes contain substance similar to it.

10. Military Marching Band.

The tradition started with the Ottoman better bands of the 1300s. It helped make the Ottoman army one of the most powerful in the world.

The purpose of military marching band was to frighten enemies and encourage allies through loud music.

Video on Muslim inventions:

Here are two informative videos that I will recommend you to watch. Hopefully, you will love these.

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✅ Top 5 Muslim inventions. 

We have selected out the 5 biggest Muslim inventions from the above list and made this video in brief to just introduce the viewers about this topic. You can share it with your friends. 


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