Fetih 1453 Full Movie In Urdu/Hindi-Watch Battle Of Empires

Fetih 1453 is a historical movie depicting the 15th century Muslim hero Sultan Mehmet II and his heroic role in conquering the city of Constantinople.

Fetih 1453 full movie in hindi or Urdu

Fetih 1453 movie overview.

Under the direction of Faruk Aksoy, this Turkish movie hit the theatre in 2012. Since then, it is well received in the Islamic world. 

Within 3 weeks, Fetih 1453 became the most watched film ever in Turkey.

The movie starts with flashback from the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ wherein Abu Ayyub is telling other companions that  a blessed army under a blessed commander will oneday conquer the city of Constantinople.


Fetih 1453 received mixed reactions from the audiences. Many have found the movie inspirational and many also have deemed certain scenes in it as un-Islamic.

One viewer wrote while reviewing it:
This film is based on the glorious story of the Islamic king Muhammad II. However, several scenes are certainly forbidden. All in all, the picture is very beautiful.


Other reviewed this film as:

I love this movie, it's one of the best turkish epic movie, I watched it many times.

Watch Fetih 1453 full movie in Urdu/Hindi.

The demands for the movie necessitated the creator to dubb in many regional language. Originally released in Turkish language, it was then dubbed in many other languages too including Urdu or Hindi and English.

Watch the complete film in Urdu/Hindi below.
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